9 things to do in Sydney you probably did not think about

All right. So you’ve been in Sydney for a few weeks, or a few months, and you’ve already done all the things to do in Sydney: you’ve had surf lessons in Bondi, you’ve climbed the Harbour Bridge, you’ve visited Tussaud, wandered in Paddy’s Market and relaxed in the Chinese Garden. You know every pub and restaurant in Kings Cross, you’ve been shopping every weekend on Pitt Street, and George Street has no secret for you anymore.

All of this is really fun, right?

The thing is, you start getting tired of going to the same places all the time, and seeing the same faces over and over again. Now you want to do something different, and discover places a bit less crowded! Sydney is a very lively city, and the centre has so much to offer! But if you dare going on the outskirts, or even a bit further, you’ll discover amazing places that you probably didn’t even know!

1. Eat something different in Newtown

Newtown is a suburb with a great Aussie atmosphere, lots of pubs and restaurants, and heaps of great things to taste. Why not spend an evening on King Street? Start with a beer at Betta Meats, a dark pub that used to be a butcher, then try some eclectic food at Bloodwood, or share delicious plates and the Bank Hotel, in the lovely outdoor terrace.

If you want something less unusual, try Gigi’s for a crispy pizza. Finally head for Newtown Hotel, where the music will help you move and digest all this food!

2. Hang out with kangaroos in Koala Park Sanctuary

Ok, I know it’s Koala Park Sanctuary. But. The real stars are the kangaroos: they’re located in a small area at the end of the park, but still with enough space to hop around, even they’re basically just sleeping, or, well, not doing much… And, if you’d like to, you can just have a nap with them!

3. Listen to free gigs in oxford art factory

Oxford Street is really popular and always busy. This is a really great place to go out at night, and party til dawn! But before you become totally out of control and start wondering what you’re doing here, consider having a drink or to while listening to live music at the Oxford Art Factory. The place offers a great atmosphere, and you’ll probably stay a bit longer after the gig, when the DJ comes in and heat up the crowd!

FATBACK BAND gallery now live on our socials!

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4. Gain some height on Watsons Bay’s cliffs

Going out in town is really nice; you can meet a lot of people and have a real good time! But sometimes what you need is just some fresh air and wild nature! If it sounds like you, then catch the ferry and enjoy the trip to Watsons Bay. From there you can spend a couple hours walking over the cliffs, and, most of all, breathe!

Head back to Rose Bay while admiring the view on the CBD. If not late, you can even hire a stand up paddle before lunching on fish and chips near the wharf.

5. Go back in time in Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island, located West of the city, played an important role during World War II, and if you want to learn more about the involvement of Australia during the war, it is a good idea to stop by for a day. Or even two!

Not only can you visit the island at your own pace, put you can also camp there, and enjoy a quiet night in a dramatic environment, and only 20 minutes from the city by ferry! It’s a must-do if you want your healthy dose of culture and history!

6. Admire the view on the Harbour from Manly North head Sanctuary

Manly is one of Sydneysiders’s favourite destinations, and offers really lovely beaches, especially if you want to take some surf lessons. But if you walk East towards North Head Sanctuary, you’ll discover a totally different aspect of Manly.


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From there, you can have a magnificent view on the Harbour and the city. If you’re lucky, you could even spot whales during the migration! After that, just join Manly Scenic walk and you’ll end up on the famous Shelley Beach.

7. Explore the stunning Jenolan Caves

This one, you may know about it. But it’s so nice and refreshing that I had to mention it! And if you were not sure whether going or not, well, now I tell you! Just go! This is a really lovely escape from the city, and you can even organize to stay a bit longer to (re-)discover the famous and incredible Blue Mountains.

8. Relax on a beach in Dee Why

Are you tired of spending twenty minutes to find the perfect spot to lie down on overcrowded beaches like Bondi, Coogee or Manly? In that case, Dee Why beach is for you! Located in the northern suburbs, Dee Why will surprise you with its huge beach.  And the best thing is, you don’t have to spend a minute to find a place for your beach towel! Just leave your things on the sand, and run into the waves! Be careful though, because the currants might be dangerous sometimes, but you’ll definitely enjoy the place!

9. Walk around the stalls in Paddington market

You’ve probably shopped a lot in Sydney, which has so many different places offering all kind of products. But have you been to Paddington market? If not, then write it down in you agenda for next weekend.

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You won’t necessarily buy anything (and after all you’ve done before, it’s maybe better that way!), but you’ll love to wander around the stalls and find out what local artists have to offer.

Wood, leather, fabric, food; just take your time there, and you can even head for Centennial Park once you’re done and relax in the sun.

Inner city wilderness

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I hope you’ll try all this amazing places! I’ve personnally been to all of them and really enjoyed being away from the usual crowd. I know there are many other places to see around Sydney, but these are my favourites!

So, what are your top places to see?


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