How to enjoy Werribee Open Range Zoo in half a day

Since I’ve moved to Melbourne, I’ve been told about Werribee zoo many times and apparently, it is a place one must see. I’m not usually very fond of zoos and animal parks, but I really wanted to check this one out by myself.

Seeing animals in tiny spaces while they should be enjoying freedom in the wild is not something I fancy. But Werribee zoo is a totally different animal park: the animals have plenty of space to run and it almost feels like they’re completely free. I just hope they do feel like they’re free.

So I allowed myself to go on this « African experience », starting with the safari tour. The driver shows you around during 40 minutes in a bus that goes near the animals and you’ll be able to approch them like never before! Wild horses, bisons, rhinos, hippos, zebras, giraffes: they all live together in an (almost) open-space.

The tour starts every 20 minutes and is included in the ticket so you can even do it again if you really liked it!

Now that you’ve enjoyed the ride, it’s time to walk a little bit, right?

Just follow the trail and you’ll see gorillas, lions, cheetahs and meerkats. You’ll have to admire them from behind a window for most of them, but they seem to have a reasonnably big space to live in, and it does not look like a cramped zoo at all.

Finally, head towards the Australian Journey to see kangaroos, koalas, emus and many other fantastic animals!

So if you have one day off, just go to Werribee zoo. This is truly unique and a really good alternative if you can’t afford a trip to South Africa!

Have you visited it yet? What are your favourite zoos and animal parks?


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