The best things to do in Phillip Island

Located less than 2 hours south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a perfect destination to relax for a couple of days.

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And absolutely everything seems to be there for your own enjoyment! Beautiful beaches, walks in the wild nature, local fauna sightseeing, helicopter flights… I’ve listed for you some of the best experiences you can live during a weekend on Phillip Island!

Walks in the wild

As the rest of Australia, Phillip Islands comprises many National Parks, and offers a lot of different walks all around the Island. Although the inland gives the opportunity to follow various itineraries where you can spot koalas, among others, we chose to discover the coast, which is really breathtaking.

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The Nobbies

We walked around the western tip of the Island, around the Nobbies Centre, which gives a great view over the Nobbies.

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The boardwalk allows you to stroll in the beautiful seabirds gardens, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see plenty of cute and fluffy chicks, all around you (from August to March, so most of the year!). The coast is absolutely amazing, with strong waves smashing into the eroded cliffs.

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Meet the local fauna

Phillip Island is home for a lot of local species, such as wallabies, koalas, seals, penguins… You can spot all this animals if you know where to go! Sometimes you also need a bit of luck, and you can meet them on the side of the road, or even crossing the road just under your eyes!

The Penguin parade

Are you ready for one of the cutest thing you’ll do in Australia? Then welcome to the Penguin Parade, back at the Nobbies Centre.

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Every night, when the sun goes down, these little creatures go back home and come out of the sea, run across the beach and reach their nests. You can then follow them on the boardwalks and approach them! You’ll see how small they are! You can witness this daily event, all year round, for $23.80.

The Seal Cruise

This 2-hour cruise will make you come closer to Seal Rocks, the biggest seal colony in the whole country! During our tour, there were more than 17000 of them! I wouldn’t recommend this trip for anyone who is seasick though, because the waters are not quiet at all, and even I was feeling sick for most of the trip! But if you feel like you can do it, it will cost you $75.

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Relax on beautiful beaches

The island is of course surrounded by beaches, and some of them are really worth the trip!

Surf Beach

This huge beach was completely empty when I went there (in the middle of summer!) apart from a few surfers further on our left. This is a really long beach with strong waves and currents, and it’s even forbidden to swim! Honestly, I wouldn’t even try to get in there, even if I’m a good swimmer…

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Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai is also very appreciated from the local surfers, and the sunset on the beach is so beautiful that you will be transported in another world for a few minutes. Just relax and admire the view.

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Live the ultimate experience

To complete this amazing trip on Phillip Island, you really should consider flying over the island. You can only appreciate it fully if you see it from above.

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The contrasts between land and water, the different shades of blue, the experience is absolutely unforgettable. I flew twice, in winter and in summer, and it was every time a wonderful feeling! The island is so beautiful! For $80, you can enjoy a 10 to 15 minutes trip, and it’s definitely worth it!

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I think I’ve really fallen in love with the island. I’ve been there three times, and I surely plan to visit it again: there’s always something to discover!


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