Top 10 reasons to spend your next Christmas holidays in Australia

Most of us travelling through Australia probably come from the northern hemisphere, and more precisely Europe, so we’re used to spending Christmas and NYE on cold and rainy (or even snowy!) days. It’s just what we know, and it feels normal to be stuck at home most of our time during those long winter afternoons… But when it comes to Australia, it’s such a different atmosphere! And so enjoyable! I mean, who doesn’t dream of another kind of white Christmas? One with white sand instead of white snow… Well, in case you’re still not sure this might be your thing, here are ten reason why you should spend your next Christmas holiday in Australia.

1.In Australia, December means summer, sunny days, high temperature… Let’s face it, it can get hot as hell but well, what would you think of spending Christmas in shorts and bikini for once?


2.Most cities are luckily close to the water, so there is a chance that you might spend most of your time at the beach, soaking in the refreshing water or just relax during the warm evenings, watching the waves crash into the shore.

3.In Australia, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th, and nothing really happens on the 24th. Which feels a bit strange because some of us usually celebrate it at night, on Christmas Eve. So why not enjoy a Christmas lunch instead of a Christmas dinner? You’ll probably be able to eat even more as it will last basically all day… And you can also try some Aussie cuisine.


4.Summer in Australia is also the season for barbecues. OK, it’s ALWAYS barbecue season, but it’s undeniable that it gets way more popular in summer. And with all the public barbecues you can find everywhere – from beaches to parks through picnic areas – you’ll have absolutely no excuse not to get into it! Seriously, who doesn’t dream of barbecued food in the middle of December?


5.You’ll be among the first people on Earth to shout « HAPPY NEW YEEEAAAR »! How cool is that? You’ll enter the new year before all your friends and family back home, and it’s almost like you travel to the future…well sort of…right?

6.Sydney’s impressive fireworks are just one reason good enough to fly a whole day. It’s simply the most beautiful new year’s show ever and with all the surrounding fireworks, you’ll feel drunk from all this lights. Or maybe from the booze. Yeah probably the booze… but hopefully you’ll still catch a glimpse of the beautiful fireworks.


7.You’ll come back home with a lovely tan and all your friends and colleagues will tell you how great you look. Or maybe they’ll just hate you for it because they had to stay in their beloved rainy country and virtually look like walking deads. And also because they put some extra weight on that they can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

8.You, however, have done so many things that you managed to get rid of these little extra kilos that you didn’t really want to bring back home. One more reason for your friends to be jealous…


9.In those times of celebrations, many other travellers from all around the world gather in Australia and travel up the East Coast. You’ll meet a lot of great people to have fun with and you’ll experience some amazing time!

10.Maybe try and organise a road trip as well, as summer is the favourite time for it. You’ll see unforgettable places and won’t feel like leaving yet!

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Do you need any more excuses to go? Well in that case start saving up right now and plan your next big trip for next Christmas!




Churchill National Park : Rando facile dans les Dandenong Ranges

L’hiver est arrivé à Melbourne et vous n’êtes plus vraiment tentés par les sorties en plein air ?

Il faut reconnaître que le temps ne se prête pas forcément à la randonnée ou même à de simples promenades dans la nature.

Vous avez probablement plus envie de rester au chaud chez vous ou peut-être de dilapider vos économies dans les boutiques qui vous invitent à rentrer à coup de « Come inside, it’s warm ! ». Mais quand le soleil est là, ne serait-ce que pour quelques heures, pourquoi ne pas en profiter pour aller prendre l’air ?

Si vous n’avez pas envie de passer la journée  à crapahuter mais que vous souhaitez quand même vous aérer l’esprit et vous dégourdir les jambes, dirigez-vous vers les Dandenong Ranges, plus précisément à Churchill National Park, à quelques kilomètres au nord de Dandenong.

A moins d’une heure de la city, c’est la destination parfaite pour marcher un peu sans s’épuiser. Churchill National Park est idéal pour tous ceux qui ne sont pas des randonneurs avertis mais qui apprécient les promenades en forêt.

Plusieurs « tracks » permettent de vagabonder dans le parc, mais la plupart se rejoignent et vous laissent apprécier différents points de vue, et surtout de voir des kangourous à coup sûr !

Dans un premier temps, empruntez Shelter Track au niveau du parking, puis Channel Track à l’intersection. Suivez le relief et prenez de l’altitude. Vous déboucherez bientôt sur Bellbird Track (à votre droite), et à ce stade-là, vous auriez déjà dû apercevoir plusieurs groupes de kangourous, et selon la saison, il peuvent être très nombreux. Ouvrez bien l’œil : ils sont parfois camouflés derrière les buissons, mais avec un peu de patience, vous ne pourrez pas les manquer !

J’adore aller me promener par là-bas, et me perdre dans les différents chemins. A vrai dire, il est plutôt difficile de se perdre, malgré tous les itinéraires possibles. La végétation généralement basse permet de se retrouver aisément, et les lignes à haute tension qui gâchent parfois le paysage s’avèrent toutefois très utiles pour retrouver son chemin !

Prévoyez deux ou trois heures de promenade, en toute saison ! Alors, à quand votre prochaine sortie dans les Dandenong Ranges ?

The best things to do in Phillip Island

Located less than 2 hours south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a perfect destination to relax for a couple of days.

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And absolutely everything seems to be there for your own enjoyment! Beautiful beaches, walks in the wild nature, local fauna sightseeing, helicopter flights… I’ve listed for you some of the best experiences you can live during a weekend on Phillip Island!

Walks in the wild

As the rest of Australia, Phillip Islands comprises many National Parks, and offers a lot of different walks all around the Island. Although the inland gives the opportunity to follow various itineraries where you can spot koalas, among others, we chose to discover the coast, which is really breathtaking.

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The Nobbies

We walked around the western tip of the Island, around the Nobbies Centre, which gives a great view over the Nobbies.

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The boardwalk allows you to stroll in the beautiful seabirds gardens, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see plenty of cute and fluffy chicks, all around you (from August to March, so most of the year!). The coast is absolutely amazing, with strong waves smashing into the eroded cliffs.

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Meet the local fauna

Phillip Island is home for a lot of local species, such as wallabies, koalas, seals, penguins… You can spot all this animals if you know where to go! Sometimes you also need a bit of luck, and you can meet them on the side of the road, or even crossing the road just under your eyes!

The Penguin parade

Are you ready for one of the cutest thing you’ll do in Australia? Then welcome to the Penguin Parade, back at the Nobbies Centre.

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Every night, when the sun goes down, these little creatures go back home and come out of the sea, run across the beach and reach their nests. You can then follow them on the boardwalks and approach them! You’ll see how small they are! You can witness this daily event, all year round, for $23.80.

The Seal Cruise

This 2-hour cruise will make you come closer to Seal Rocks, the biggest seal colony in the whole country! During our tour, there were more than 17000 of them! I wouldn’t recommend this trip for anyone who is seasick though, because the waters are not quiet at all, and even I was feeling sick for most of the trip! But if you feel like you can do it, it will cost you $75.

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Relax on beautiful beaches

The island is of course surrounded by beaches, and some of them are really worth the trip!

Surf Beach

This huge beach was completely empty when I went there (in the middle of summer!) apart from a few surfers further on our left. This is a really long beach with strong waves and currents, and it’s even forbidden to swim! Honestly, I wouldn’t even try to get in there, even if I’m a good swimmer…

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Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai is also very appreciated from the local surfers, and the sunset on the beach is so beautiful that you will be transported in another world for a few minutes. Just relax and admire the view.

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Live the ultimate experience

To complete this amazing trip on Phillip Island, you really should consider flying over the island. You can only appreciate it fully if you see it from above.

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The contrasts between land and water, the different shades of blue, the experience is absolutely unforgettable. I flew twice, in winter and in summer, and it was every time a wonderful feeling! The island is so beautiful! For $80, you can enjoy a 10 to 15 minutes trip, and it’s definitely worth it!

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I think I’ve really fallen in love with the island. I’ve been there three times, and I surely plan to visit it again: there’s always something to discover!

5 sporting events in Melbourne you shouldn’t miss

Aussies love sport, all kind of sports. But I think in Melbourne it has become almost a religion: Melburnians are simply crazy about it! Melbourne is a very lively city with lots of cultural events all year round, and there’s always someting happening in the world of sport.

Anywhere and anytime, you can watch contests, games, or races of anything: swimming, biking, soccer, netball (an aussie favoutrite exclusively for women), sailing, quidditch (4 teams in Victoria!)… there’s always something to see and do for sport lovers in here.

So, whether you like it or not, if you come to Melbourne, there are a few events that you shouldn’t miss! Here si my top 5.

1. The Australian Open

Tennis lover or not, you probably know that we’re in the middle of the Australian Open. This world famous contest attracts the best players on Earth who sometimes struggle in the extremely hot weather.

It’s a bit like Wimbledon, or Roland-Garros, except that you have to wake up at unlikely hours if you want to watch the games from Europe.

#Woolworths Ball kids also double as drying machines ☔️

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Well maybe not in the best weather…

Everyone is not necessarily fond of tennis, but still, it is one big thing here in Melbourne.

But maybe not the biggest.

2. The AFL Grand Final

The Australian Football League is probably -wait a minute- I mean IS the most popular thing in Australia. Like ever. More popular than anything else. People here love it so much that you wouldn’t find anyone in the streets after 2 pm on that day: everybody would be indoor, yelling at their screens.

You can’t meet any Aussie who doesn’t have an opinion on the AFL. People seem depressed and the country is in sort of slow motion when the season is over. Fortunately, this happens in summer, and in summer, well, there are many other cool things to watch on TV, like, cricket!

3. The Cricket Boxing Day Test

I don’t know anything about cricket, let’s be honest (I don’t even understand the score at the end of a game and I wouldn’t probably know who even won the game…). So yes, I’m helpless at cricket, and I don’t really try to know much more, but I’m telling you: this is a big thing here! And apparently Boxing Day Test (whatever test means here) is a special day for all cricket lovers!

Good morning from Manuka Oval 😀 #AUSvIND

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Not THAT kind of cricket lover.

But don’t worry, if you missed Boxing Day Test because you were enjoying Boxing Day sales, you can still watch many others in January, some of them last 5 days (only 8 hours a day, mind you) so I’m sure you’ll find a moment for it, while you patiently await for the Australian Open.

Seriously now, I’m sure if someone tells you a little bit about the rules, you’ll enjoy going to a game and feel that fun atmosphere! At least it’s worth seeing that legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground! And you don’t even need to stay until the end. (But does it ever end anyway?)

4. The Bells Beach Surf Classic

A litlle bit out of Melbourne, on the west coast, is Torquay. Torquay is famous for two things: the Great Ocean Road, and a surf contest that started in 1962. Bells Beach Surf Classic Easter Festival is the oldest professionnal surfing contest in the world.

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This beach is also famous for being home to the final scene in Point Break, you know that movie with Patrick Swayze, you know that guy in Dirty Dancing, you know… Ok, so apperently this scene wasn’t even shot there. Anyway, this event is really the opportunity for you to watch some good surf in great realxed atmosphere.

And you can even include it in a trip on the Great Ocean Road, which is an absolute
must-see when you come to Melbourne.

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5. The Moto GP

Located on the beautiful Phillip Island, the race track is home in october to the Moto Grand Prix, as well as other major events all year round.

This is a sacred place for all fans, and you can even enjoy a ride with a professionnal pilot to know what it fells like being in a race!

It is also the opportunity for you to see and visit Phillip Island, which is probably one of the most beautiful places in Victoria!

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Another event is really popular in Melbourne: the Melbourne Cup. (I know I’m not gonna make friends on this one.) And all other races as well. There are races all the time, everywhere, and there’s even a public holiday for it… You know, the « race that stops the nation »… But as they use (and kill) horses for it, I wouldn’t consider it as a sporting event that deserves to be mentioned as such. An event, no more.

And I think that most people just go there to show off and get wasted more than anything else. But I’ve heard that it is definitely worth going, at least once, if only for the « show ». I’ll think about it. Maybe.

Probably celebrating a winning bet that they completely forgot about.

How to enjoy Werribee Open Range Zoo in half a day

Since I’ve moved to Melbourne, I’ve been told about Werribee zoo many times and apparently, it is a place one must see. I’m not usually very fond of zoos and animal parks, but I really wanted to check this one out by myself.

Seeing animals in tiny spaces while they should be enjoying freedom in the wild is not something I fancy. But Werribee zoo is a totally different animal park: the animals have plenty of space to run and it almost feels like they’re completely free. I just hope they do feel like they’re free.

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So I allowed myself to go on this « African experience », starting with the safari tour. The driver shows you around during 40 minutes in a bus that goes near the animals and you’ll be able to approch them like never before! Wild horses, bisons, rhinos, hippos, zebras, giraffes: they all live together in an (almost) open-space.

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The tour starts every 20 minutes and is included in the ticket so you can even do it again if you really liked it!

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Now that you’ve enjoyed the ride, it’s time to walk a little bit, right?

Just follow the trail and you’ll see gorillas, lions, cheetahs and meerkats. You’ll have to admire them from behind a window for most of them, but they seem to have a reasonnably big space to live in, and it does not look like a cramped zoo at all.

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Finally, head towards the Australian Journey to see kangaroos, koalas, emus and many other fantastic animals!

So if you have one day off, just go to Werribee zoo. This is truly unique and a really good alternative if you can’t afford a trip to South Africa!

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Have you visited it yet? What are your favourite zoos and animal parks?