Top 10 reasons to spend your next Christmas holidays in Australia

Most of us travelling through Australia probably come from the northern hemisphere, and more precisely Europe, so we’re used to spending Christmas and NYE on cold and rainy (or even snowy!) days. It’s just what we know, and it feels normal to be stuck at home most of our time during those long winter afternoons… But when it comes to Australia, it’s such a different atmosphere! And so enjoyable! I mean, who doesn’t dream of another kind of white Christmas? One with white sand instead of white snow… Well, in case you’re still not sure this might be your thing, here are ten reason why you should spend your next Christmas holiday in Australia.

1.In Australia, December means summer, sunny days, high temperature… Let’s face it, it can get hot as hell but well, what would you think of spending Christmas in shorts and bikini for once?


2.Most cities are luckily close to the water, so there is a chance that you might spend most of your time at the beach, soaking in the refreshing water or just relax during the warm evenings, watching the waves crash into the shore.

3.In Australia, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th, and nothing really happens on the 24th. Which feels a bit strange because some of us usually celebrate it at night, on Christmas Eve. So why not enjoy a Christmas lunch instead of a Christmas dinner? You’ll probably be able to eat even more as it will last basically all day… And you can also try some Aussie cuisine.


4.Summer in Australia is also the season for barbecues. OK, it’s ALWAYS barbecue season, but it’s undeniable that it gets way more popular in summer. And with all the public barbecues you can find everywhere – from beaches to parks through picnic areas – you’ll have absolutely no excuse not to get into it! Seriously, who doesn’t dream of barbecued food in the middle of December?


5.You’ll be among the first people on Earth to shout « HAPPY NEW YEEEAAAR »! How cool is that? You’ll enter the new year before all your friends and family back home, and it’s almost like you travel to the future…well sort of…right?

6.Sydney’s impressive fireworks are just one reason good enough to fly a whole day. It’s simply the most beautiful new year’s show ever and with all the surrounding fireworks, you’ll feel drunk from all this lights. Or maybe from the booze. Yeah probably the booze… but hopefully you’ll still catch a glimpse of the beautiful fireworks.


7.You’ll come back home with a lovely tan and all your friends and colleagues will tell you how great you look. Or maybe they’ll just hate you for it because they had to stay in their beloved rainy country and virtually look like walking deads. And also because they put some extra weight on that they can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

8.You, however, have done so many things that you managed to get rid of these little extra kilos that you didn’t really want to bring back home. One more reason for your friends to be jealous…


9.In those times of celebrations, many other travellers from all around the world gather in Australia and travel up the East Coast. You’ll meet a lot of great people to have fun with and you’ll experience some amazing time!

10.Maybe try and organise a road trip as well, as summer is the favourite time for it. You’ll see unforgettable places and won’t feel like leaving yet!

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Do you need any more excuses to go? Well in that case start saving up right now and plan your next big trip for next Christmas!